Dr. James Maskalyk is the recipient of the 2022 University of Toronto Department of Medicine Award for Humanism in Medicine.

The Department of Medicine’s top priority is to ensure patients and their families, and their experiences, drive our work. The fundamental principles of “person-centeredness” are open communication, mutual respect, and emotional connection between physicians and their patients.

As an indication of our commitment to the principle of person-centered care, we are delighted to announce the establishment of a new departmental award for Humanism in Medicine. This new award aims to recognize faculty members who exemplify a deep and abiding commitment to humanism in health care. Humanism is understood to be an acknowledgment of other human beings as individuals with autonomy, unique backgrounds, values, and perspectives, and a commitment to address issues of inclusion, equity, and social justice.

In 2019, the Department of Medicine announced that the Award for Humanism in Medicine will be known as the Michael Gordon Award for Humanism in Medicine. Renaming this award is a recognition of Dr. Gordon’s exceptional leadership in bridging physician and family roles in the development of best care practice for patients, and the profound impact he has had on how medicine is practiced.

Access the full list of past participants here: https://deptmedicine.utoronto.ca/department-medicine-prizes-awards#Award_for_Humanism_in_Medicine