About Us

At the GEM Centre we are dedicated to advancing equitable emergency care for all. We develop and implement education and research initiatives, which are informed by clinical practice. Our activities translate into academic outputs and aim to inform health policy development, benefiting those in Canada and abroad.


Our Mission

We advance equitable emergency care for all.


Our Vision

We will be a global centre of innovation for knowledge and practice in equitable emergency care.


Our Values

Justice: We believe that every person in the world deserves access to high-quality emergency medicine care. We understand that equity and justice are key components of quality, and addressing inequities and injustice is an active process, not just the absence of active discrimination. 

Collaboration: We believe in developing long-term, ethical partnerships grounded in bi-directional learning and community-driven change.

Systems Change: We see Emergency Departments as a critical place for seeing and treating marginalized populations, bringing the failures of public policy to light, and advocating for upstream systems change.

Scholarship: We value education, research, and knowledge dissemination that helps integrate innovative practices into emergency care where they’re needed most.

The GEM Model

Clinical Practice

Our GEM team are experts in their field. We practice in a range of settings including large urban teaching hospitals and trauma centres, as well as rural health centres in war-torn and epidemic-ravaged communities. Our patient experiences have shaped our skills as physicians, teachers and researchers.

Education & Research

Based at the University of Toronto, we embrace our role as both teachers and learners in all aspects of our work. GEM projects include innovative approaches to education and locally-driven operational research, which improves the health care workforce and system. Project teams are multi-disciplinary, international and collaborative


GEM activities are funnelled into academic outputs that benefit local and international partners. By providing GEM members with opportunities and presenting our work at conferences and meetings, we are helping to build a new generation of EM practitioners working to improve health equity globally.