Dear Colleagues,

Public Health Ontario is proud to present the new Introduction to Public Health Emergency Preparedness online course.

In response to feedback from our public health partners, the self-directed, online Introduction to Public Health Emergency Preparedness course was created. This course consists of three interactive modules that introduce the foundations of public health emergency preparedness, including definitions, concepts, strategies and tools.

This course builds on traditional incident management system structures and presents new models to aid in emergency preparedness training for public health professionals. This supplements the in-person workshop currently conducted by PHO to build capacity for public health professionals at the local level.

Many of the core concepts of these modules can also inform emergency management training programs outside of public health. The web-based format provides an easily accessible resource that can be used by a variety of stakeholders in different learning environments, including academic settings.

For more information about this online course, or public health emergency preparedness, please Please share this email with any interested colleagues, or share this tweet via social media.


Brian Schwartz, MD, MScCH
Chief, Communicable Diseases, Emergency Preparedness and Response
Public Health Ontario

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